Quality & Price Promise


You can trust that Gym Republic will always stock the best quality products. We work hard with all our suppliers to ensure that the leading brands that we offer are produced using the best materials and methods wherever possible.

All of the items offered by Gym Republic are handpicked by our select team of buyers, and are therefore technically correct and ideal for the gym and sporting environment. We aim to make sure that all Gym Republic purchases enhance our customer’s enjoyment at the gym, in the sports centre and during their sporting activities.



We set competitive prices for all our products, and our team regularly checking them against other competitors.

Some competitors offer different prices online to their in-store prices, but with Gym Republic you know it is available only online, so you are assured of the best price.

We also know that some competitors advertise a lower price per item, but then add on to your order an exaggerated delivery charge, with Gym Republic you know that the delivery costs are set as standard, so the total price per item is more competitive.