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  • Dance it out with Bokwa

    Last time we told you about the hot and sweaty parts of Bikram Yoga, this week we look at Bokwa!

    What is it?

    Now most of you will have heard of Zumba, the fast pace aerobic fitness class that combines Latin music with dance moves. Well slide aside Zumba a a new dance class has stomped onto the gym floor!

    Created in South America by street dancer Paul Mavi, Bokwa sees participants draw out words, letters and numbers using their body and feet in rhythm to lively music. The name Bokwa comes from a combination of 'Bo' which stands for light boxing' and 'kwa' from Kwaito, a traditional African dance. Continue reading

  • Bikram Yoga – Can you take the heat?

    With many new classes and crazes appearing in the gym in the last few years it can be hard to keep up with what is it what. At Gym Republic we are going to take a look at some of the most popular gym crazes out there at the moment, starting with Bikram Yoga (although by the time you finish reading it could well be old news!) Continue reading

  • Top Summer Picks

    With the arrival of summer, now’s the time to put you gym trousers and hoodies to the back of the wardrobe and whip out you shorts and vests. If your summer workout wardrobe is in need of updating, don’t fear we’ve rounded up our top summer picks for men and women to keep you looking great and cool during your training sessions. Continue reading

  • Brand Focus: Helly Hansen

    We’re excited to announce we now stock a large selection of Helly Hansen gym wear! Scandinavian company Helly Hansen have been producing a variety of award winning clothing since 1877. Their fitness clothing combines technical design with style to produce high quality fitness clothing. Here are some our top picks.

    For the ladies.

    We love the luxurious feel of these Pace Tights, but what we like about them even more is that they come in a choice of colours. Choose from Black, Ebony and Mint or Navy & Coral. These tights even have a zip back pocket for keys and reflective detailing making them perfect to wear in or out of the gym.49082_545B Continue reading

  • Don't sweat about it

    At Gym Republic you will often find us talking about sweat wicking fabric or material, but what is it and why do we talk about it so much? Continue reading

  • Brand Focus - 2XU

    23Well know brand 2XU are experts in producing premium compression wear designed to enhance athletes performance. Their compression gear uses graduated engineering for increased support and efficient delivery of oxygenated blood to the muscles. Featuring flatlock seams, and made from antibacterial, moisture-wicking material the breathable compression wear is long lasting making it perfect for fast, hard workouts.    Continue reading

  • Terrific Tees

    Tees and vests, there are many different styles to choose from when selecting your workout out wardrobe, but who said they had to be plain.

    These are our top picks for patterned and graphic gym tops, which are both comfortable and stylish ensuring you look good and feel great during your training session.

    The Nike Dri-Fit t-shirt has a wide neck and vented back keeping the wearer dry throughout their workout. The black detailing on the front transforms this tee from great to gorgeous. nikewhitewomenstee-front Continue reading

  • Spin into Spring!

    It’s that time of year again, Spring and with the new season comes the start of warmer weather making it perfect time to update your workout wardrobe.

    One fitness activity which is becoming increasing popular in the gym, especially with women is spinning.  Spinning is fast pace activity so when choosing your workoutwear choose sweat wicking materials and make sure to avoid loose baggy bottoms as these can easily get caught in the bikes pedals, hindering your performance. Continue reading

  • Brand Focus: Casall

    One gym brand which has caught our eye recently is trendy Swedish brand Casall. Their eye catching high quality workout wear will definitely make you feel like the biggest trendsetter at the gym. What we like most about this brand is how the clothes make you feel at your best whilst working out.  Designed to have a tight fit, Casall’s workout clothing are made from stretch fabrics to support, hold and shape the body. Their premium fabrics are not only breathable but also stylish, the best gym combo! These two stylish products are at the top of our wishlist.

    The Hit Pace Racerback Vest from Casall is one of our this seasons must have! The narrow racerback allows for optimum movement for all types of training.  The bright pink colour will make you stand out in the gym for all the right reasons. Continue reading

  • Gym Gear Pet Peeves

    With a large variety of affordable gym gear available in all shapes, sizes and colours there is no excuse for wearing the wrong clothing to the gym. However, on a regular basis whilst working out we see people creating workout wear crimes! When training wearing the correct gym wear for your workout will enhance your performance and give you better results. At Gym Republic we’ve picked out some of our biggest gym gear pet peeves and ways to avoid them. Continue reading

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